Our Story

Christ the Rock Fellowship was founded by Pastors Doug and Patricia Ruthford.   He was prophet and she was apostolic, each had miracle ministries and demonstrated the Power of God.  (Both have passed away and are “with the Lord”).  We are associated with The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, founded by Gordon Lindsey out of the healing revivals of the late 40’s and 50’s and then encompassing the Charismatic ministers who came out of traditional denominations.  Gordon, along with his wife Freda, founded Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas. My wife and I have been part of the church since the beginning. We were born and raised Southern Baptists and are graduates of Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth.   We were baptized in the Spirit while at seminary (not officially sanctioned) and have walked in the Power of the Holy Spirit for forty years.  We believe in and practice the gifts of the Spirit, we teach and preach biblical truth trying to give the “full counsel of God.”   Our worship is charismatic and contemporary. Our vision is to be “A house of prayer for all nations”, we have a diverse ethnic makeup in the church.  We are missions oriented and do teaching ministry and crusades internationally working with some wonderful missionaries who are long time associates supported in part by Christ the Rock.  We believe in people being healed and set free, then established in the way of the Lord and brought to full maturity. (Ephesians 4) Judy and I, our son Jonathan and his wife Carolyn, and Pastor John Branson serve with us.   All of us teach and preach.  Sunday service is more preaching and ministering, Wednesdays we have small group Bible studies on various subjects (Just finished one on the Second Coming).  We also have seminars and guest teachers who come in from time to time.

(425) 745-4535