Generation on the Rock


Generation on the Rock Youth Ministries

Grades 7-12

“Look among the nations and watch— Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you.” (Habakkuk 1:5) 

God is doing a great work in these days! He is raising up the next generation of young people who’s passion and hunger for God will truly shake the nations for His glory. Generation on the Rock was created just for junior high and high school students. God is alive and powerful in young people and Christ the Rock Fellowship offers an exciting youth program. Youth services have contemporary, bold Christian music and messages that will empower youth to face everyday challenges. There are also opportunities to join the worship team, band, training in sound, media tech and leadership. Generation on the Rock is a great place to find lifelong friends and mentors. Ready for a challenge? Ready to grow? Come visit us on any Wednesday night at 7:00 PM and expect real truth, awesome worship, and to grow in your relationship with God!

Service Information

We meet every Wednesday night @ 7pm at the church in the Fellowship Hall (North Wing). 


Coming Soon: 2017 Summer Camp – August 8-11

Please contact Pastors Sam and Julia for registration information. 


About Generation on the Rock Youth Pastors

Pastors Sam and Julia Branson have grown up in the youth ministry of Christ the Rock Fellowship themselves. They now have a heart to see this generation firmly planted upon the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastors Sam and Julia desire to pour God’s Word and love into each young person. They are keenly aware of the issues of today’s youth and know the importance of young people being prepared for the daily challenges of their lives. They want this generation to know, as Paul exhorted Timothy, not to be intimidated because of their young age but to set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity (I Timothy 4:12).

Pastors Sam and Julia have been actively involved in Youth Ministry leadership since 2006, under Pastors Jonathan and Carolyn Engstrom, and then stepped in to lead the Youth Ministry in May 2010. They are also gifted musicians in the Worship Ministry. They train interested youth in music and worship as well.

Pastor Sam graduated from Jackson High School in 2003, studied at the University of Washington in the business economics program and currently works full-time in business development in the e-Commerce industry.

Pastor Julia graduated from North Sound Christian School in 2006. She worked for five years as a Preschool teacher and worked a number of years as an administrative assistant in the church office before taking some time to be at home with her children. She now works in the church office operating in various pastoral and administrative duties. 


If you have more questions about Generation on the Rock, please feel free to contact Pastors Sam and Julia


(425) 745-4535