Pastor Jon Engstrom’s Testimony

Pastor Jon engstrom

I was blessed to be born into a good family in 1948.  Just before I was born my mother became a born again Christian.  At the same time my father, who had given his life to the Lord as a child, rededicated his life and both became committed Christians.  They served the Lord together and our family attended a small Baptist Church in Northern New Mexico. 

We attended the church at least three times every week.  Each year, there would be a week or two of special revival meetings in the spring and fall. Two of the evangelists who came had a great impact on my life.  More

John Branson’s Testimony

Pastor John Branson

Isaiah 51:1
“Hearken unto me, you that follow after Righteousness: You that seek the Lord; Look into the Rock from which you are hewn, and the hole of the pit from which you were digged.”

This scripture is very significant to me since I worked in the coal mines in Nottingham England for 17 years, and then in Wyoming mines for another 9 years. During those years, I became a hopeless… More

Lorena Brown’s Testimony

Lorena Brown

My testimony begins at 22 years old during January of 1998 in Minnesota. I was a wife, the mother of an amazing little girl, and a meth addict.  I had been high for the majority of the previous six months.  The turning point in my return to the Lord came at the lowest point of my life. I was digging a hole in the frozen ground of Minnesota with a slotted spoon behind my trailer on a very cold January night to bury my miscarried child.  I hadn’t even realized I had been pregnant for the last three months. That same January night I quit meth cold turkey and asked the Lord back into my life.   More

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