Pastor Jon Engstrom’s Testimony

Pastor Jon Engstrom

I was blessed to be born into a good family in 1948.  Just before I was born my mother became a born again Christian.  At the same time my father, who had given his life to the Lord as a child, rededicated his life and both became committed Christians.  They served the Lord together and our family attended a small Baptist Church in Northern New Mexico. 

We attended the church at least three times every week.  Each year, there would be a week or two of special revival meetings in the spring and fall. Two of the evangelists who came had a great impact on my life.  One was from Latvia and he shared his testimony of how the Lord miraculously saved his life in World War II.  He and his brother were in a field and artillery shells were flying around them.  They prayed to the Lord to help them and when a shell fell close to them it did not go off.  This impressed me that the Lord was real.

When I was eight, another evangelist came who was a great singer, he had a wonderful sense of humor and related well to the children and the youth in the church.  It was through his preaching that I became convicted of my sin and realized my need for salvation.  I spoke with my mother about my feelings and she encouraged me to keep listening, but also hinted that I might be a little young to fully understand what it was to commit my life to Jesus.

I did not go forward when the evangelist called people to accept Jesus as their Savior.  However, that Saturday night, as I lay on my bed I prayed a simple sinner’s prayer.  “Lord I am sorry I have sinned, please forgive me, and come into my heart.”  What happened next was wonderful!  I could tangibly feel the presence of the Lord.  Peace came into my heart along with a sense of being clean and forgiven.  There was a warm love that surrounded me and I knew the Lord had saved me. 

 Sunday was the last day of the revival meetings.  In the morning service the pastor asked everyone who had received Jesus as their Savior that week to stand, which I did.  Then he asked how many of us wanted to be baptized that night and I responded yes.  After being baptized I was dressing with some boys my age.  For some of them this was not as serious as it was for me.  They were joking about being “dunked”.   For me there was nothing to joke about.  My life had been changed forever.

 To begin with, my Christian life was not consistent.  Sometimes I would please myself, at other times I would please others by doing what they wanted, but there were times that I wanted to please the Lord. The Lord was more faithful to me than I was to Him.  Thankfully, my parents kept me in a place where the Lord could keep working in my life.  When I was seventeen I made a serious commitment to follow the Lord with all my heart.  

 About a year later in 1967, the Lord called me to preach the Gospel and serve in the ministry as a pastor. After completing college I went to seminary to prepare for the ministry.   There I met my wife Judy, and we have been married for 41 years. Shortly after being married, both Judy and I had a powerful experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we have experienced many miracles and supernatural signs. Many lives have been touched by God’s power and love as we have testified of our wonderful Savior around the world.

 We have three grown children who are all married to wonderful Christian mates, and we have five grandchildren with another on the way. We serve the Lord together and enjoy His many blessings. What happened to me at age nine is still real!


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